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A Message From Our National Rangatira

LJ (Lindsay) Unuia
National Rangatira, All Heart Stores

A Message from Our National Rangatira

“He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata,”

Meaning “What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people.”

All Heart Store is a profit-for-purpose enterprise of Hope and Restoring Dignity. Today, within this report, we share that essence with you, offering insight into the incredible narrative that defines us. All Heart Store embodies the connectedness of positive social impact and environmental stewardship and exemplifies the power of circular solutions in promoting sustainability and community well-being. Together, we can rethink waste, resource recovery, and reshape a more sustainable Aotearoa.

I’d like to personally acknowledge our community partners, volunteers, and staff, for joining with us on this transformative journey. The stories and testimonies in this report speak volumes to the importance of our Kaupapa and our values resonate in every endeavour: people first, planet conscious, and transformation. Through the creation of employment, volunteerism, and training opportunities. We are more than a Second-hand Store; our impact reaches lives, communities, and society. Today, we stand united by five impactful All Heart Stores, symbolizing local benefit and community empowerment across regions all embracing circularity as a pathway to change. As you dive into this report, you become an integral part of this narrative.

Let’s together craft a future that fills us with pride—a future where our actions today lay the foundation for a better tomorrow. Through conscious shopping, let us lead by example, revealing the path towards a brighter, more compassionate world.

Nga mihi nui,

Our Kaupapa

All Heart Store creates a circular solution for corporate and construction waste which leads to positive social and environmental outcomes.

To create meaningful employment, volunteerism, training and education opportunities through circularity.

All Heart Store is a profit for purpose enterprise of hope and restoring dignity. We focus on both environmental and social impact through our three main values: People First, Planet Conscious, and Transformation.

Our Impact


in sales


into our mission FY24'

As a profit-for-purpose organisation, All Heart NZ reinvests all profits from the All Heart Stores so we can continue improving our communities and planet to the greatest extent possible.


of corporate waste diverted from landfills


3,498 tonnes

of carbon avoided


Education and training opportunities per week





employed by the All Heart Stores

We exist to create meaningful
employment volunteerism education  opportunities
through circularity.


Transformation starts by empowering people. At All Heart Store we are providing meaningful employment and volunteer opportunities to our community, where people are given hope and can feel their dignity being restored.


Meeting the needs of the environment and people. Doing what’s right for the environment and meeting the needs of the people in our community. Te Ara Hou Charitable Trust (All Heart Store, Kaikohe) brings into alignment the needs of the environment and the community. Good quality commercial and residential goods are diverted from landfill into homes and businesses at affordable prices.


All Heart Store Waitara is an enterprise of hope established by Te Ara Hou Waitara Charitable Trust in 2022 with the charitable objects of promoting the relief of poverty; promoting educational programmes and providing training opportunities; making gifts to other charities in Waitara. Supporting and partnering with local organisations. General age focus, representative of the local community


O Le Nu’u Trust is a community-led trust providing wellbeing services to Pasefika people in Wellington. We are a faith-based organisation that is founded on Christian values. The cornerstone by which we do what we do as individuals and as a community. Our faith empowers and enables us to bring tailored and localised solutions to the needs of our most vulnerable.


Our community ministry trust is excited to partner with All Heart NZ in establishing an All Heart Store in Christchurch. We believe it has great potential for waste reduction, social and economic benefit.
We think that through goodwill and strong networks Christchurch is going to get behind this and benefit – both now and into the future.

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